Causes of Stuttering

Stuttering or stammering is a common disorder in speech development in children that interferes with fluent speech. Someone who stutters may repeat the first sound of a word or hold a single sound for a long period of time. This speech disorder can also be disrupted by involuntary silent blocks in which the person is… Continue reading Causes of Stuttering

What is Cluttering of Speech

With numerous different speech and language disorders, it is best to seek professional help when diagnosing and treating these disorders. At Speech-Language Development, we specialize in the assessment and treatment of language and speech disorders including causes of stuttering, cluttering, articulation, and apraxia. Cluttering of speech is one of the most common forms of language… Continue reading What is Cluttering of Speech

Speech Pathology Services

Thousands of children are diagnosed with a communication disorder each year. There are numerous common speech problems in children including stuttering, cluttering, articulation disorders,and apraxia. While speech may seem effortless to many, it is actually a complex process. This intricate process requires precise timing, nerve, and muscle control. The ability to understand language and produce… Continue reading Speech Pathology Services

Common Language Disorders in Children

Both language and speech problems in children affect a person’s ability to talk, read, write, and understand. With numerous different types of speech and language disorders in children, it is best to have your child individually assessed by a speech therapist. Speech disorders are problems with fluency, voice, or how a person says speech sounds.… Continue reading Common Language Disorders in Children

All Children, Speech Problems

At Speech-Language Development, we are a private practice designed to assist in improving speech and language in children. Speech problems in children can include language development, oral-motor function, articulation, phonological disorders, language learning disability, and voice issues. As a speech-language pathologist, we will individually assess and treat each patient. Our speech disorder therapy helps appropriately… Continue reading All Children, Speech Problems

Articulation Therapy and Assessment

At Speech-Language Development, we offer speech disorder therapy for children who demonstrate delays in language development, articulation, language learning disability, and voice issues. From developmental apraxia of speech to oral-motor function disorders, we cater to each child’s special needs. At Speech-Language Development, we provide each child with an individual assessment and customized therapy. One of… Continue reading Articulation Therapy and Assessment

Treatment for Children With Apraxia of Speech

Developmental apraxia of speech is a neurological disorder, which is often characterized by the loss of the ability to execute movements and speech. Childhood apraxia of speech is a motor speech disorder. Children with this disorder find it difficult planning and producing the movements of the tongue, lips, jaw, and palate. These specific series of… Continue reading Treatment for Children With Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia of Speech Assessment and Therapy

There are numerous different speech and language disorders. However, some of the most common disorders include stuttering, cluttering of speech, articulation, and apraxia. Apraxia of speech is an oral-motor disorder. This common disorder is a problem with motor coordination and motor planning. With this disorder, a person has difficulty moving the muscles and structures to… Continue reading Apraxia of Speech Assessment and Therapy