Causes of Stuttering

Stuttering or stammering is a common disorder in speech development in children that interferes with fluent speech. Someone who stutters may repeat the first sound of a word or hold a single sound for a long period of time. This speech disorder can also be disrupted by involuntary silent blocks in which the person is unable to produce sounds.

There is no known exclusive cause of developmental stuttering. However, there is a variety of hypotheses and theories to the causes of stuttering. One of the strongest theories is the evidence that stuttering has a genetic basis. Although, it has also been proven that genetic factors interact with environmental factors. It is best to seek stuttering help for your child at an early age. Also, family dynamics including fast-paced lifestyles can also lead to the development of this disorder.

Child development is another factor most likely to contribute to the development of stuttering. This means children with other speech and language problems or development delays are more likely to stutter. Additionally, recent research has shown that people who stutter process speech and language in different areas of the brain. This study is known as neurophysiology.

Seek Stuttering Help Today

Appropriate speech disorder therapy and help can promote growth and progress with speech and language disorders. It is important to seek stuttering help for your child while he or she is young. With treatment, the recovery of stuttering for preschoolers is good. However, there is no known cure for adult stutterers. To learn more about the causes of stuttering and treatment for this speech disorder, we invite you to please browse through our website and comprehensive collection of articles. Contact us to setup an appointment or with any questions.