What is Cluttering of Speech

With numerous different speech and language disorders, it is best to seek professional help when diagnosing and treating these disorders. At Speech-Language Development, we specialize in the assessment and treatment of language and speech disorders including causes of stuttering, cluttering, articulation, and apraxia.

Cluttering of speech is one of the most common forms of language disorders. This disorder makes it difficult to understand a person’s speech. Cluttering affects the fluency of a person’s speech. As a language disorder, a person is able to say what they are thinking, but it becomes disorganized. The speech of a person with cluttering may sound jerky. Often unaware of the problem, a person with cluttering may speak in bursts. Cluttering is different than both stuttering and/or an articulation disorder.

Articulation Disorder: Speech Errors

In addition to cluttering and stuttering, we specialize in numerous other phonological disorders, language learning disabilities, oral-motor disorders, and articulation problems. An articulation disorder contains a wide range of sound errors. These sound errors do not change in different word contexts and occur during the product of individual or isolated sounds.

These signs of errors include:

  • Substituting letters
  • Omitting sounds
  • Adding sounds to words
  • Difficulty with blends
  • Weak articulation
  • Frontal and lateral lisps

By contacting a speech-language pathologist, your child can be properly assessed and treated for his or her disorder. With a goal for each child to achieve superior communication, we work with each child to customize appropriate speech disorder therapy for his or her needs. Please remember, early help is important for more severe problems. To learn more about stuttering or cluttering of speech, please continue browsing through our collection of detailed articles. If you would like to setup an appointment or have any questions, please contact us today.