Speech Pathology Services

Thousands of children are diagnosed with a communication disorder each year. There are numerous common speech problems in children including stuttering, cluttering, articulation disorders,and apraxia. While speech may seem effortless to many, it is actually a complex process. This intricate process requires precise timing, nerve, and muscle control. The ability to understand language and produce speech is coordinated by the brain. By coordinating many various muscles, we are able to speak. These muscles that we must coordinate include:

  • Larynx (contains vocal cords)
  • Teeth
  • Lips
  • Tongue
  • Mouth
  • Respiratory system

At Speech-Language Development, we specialize in language and speech disorder therapy Our therapy services allow us to work with children to promote progress and growth. If you are looking for comprehensive Brooklyn speech pathology services for your child, then look no further than Speech-Language Development.

Evaluating Speech Problems in Children

As speech-language pathologists, we are professionally trained to evaluate communication. By providing thorough assessments, we are able to help detect speech problems in children. We are able to properly identify a patient’s type of problem or disorder. At Speech-Language Development, we gather as much information as possible through our assessment. We will then develop a comprehensive and customized treatment plan.

Speech Disorder Therapy Services

At Speech-Language Development, we are dedicated to providing great progress and results to our students. Our speech disorder therapy services and plans include breathing techniques, relation strategies, posture control, oral-motor exercises, and naturalistic play. Additionally, we are specialized in PROMPT. This unique therapy helps facilitate speech productions and growth in language skills. To learn more about our Brooklyn speech pathology services, please continue browsing through our detailed website. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us today.