Common Language Disorders in Children

Both language and speech problems in children affect a person’s ability to talk, read, write, and understand. With numerous different types of speech and language disorders in children, it is best to have your child individually assessed by a speech therapist. Speech disorders are problems with fluency, voice, or how a person says speech sounds. On the other hand, language disorders are the problems with understanding or using spoken, written, and other symbol systems. Language disorders may include the form of language, content of language, and the function of language. The form includes phonology, morphology, and syntax. However, semantics is associated with the content of language and pragmatics is relegated to the function of language.

Speech Therapist in Queens, New York

If your child has a speech disorder, it is important to choose the best speech disorder therapy for your child. Selecting an appropriate speech therapist is your first step to improving your child’s speech. At Speech-Language Development, we are a private practice dedicated to improving speech and language disorders in children. We individually assess each and every child to help ensure the most appropriate therapy. By catering to each child’s special needs, we are able to provide significant improvement. If you are looking for an experienced speech therapist in Queens, New York, look no further than Speech-Language Development.

The Speech-Language Development Way

At Speech-Language Development, we are proud to serve as your experienced and professional speech therapist in Queens, New York. Our goal is for each child to achieve optimal communication. By treating everyone with respect in a supportive and relaxed environment, we are able to promote progress and growth. To learn more about different language and speech disorders in children including articulation, phonological disorders, and voice issues, please continue browsing through our website. If you would like to setup an appointment or have any questions, please contact us today.