Lisp Speech Impediment

A lisp is a speech impediment that is also known as sigmatism. This lisp speech impediment or language disorder in children creates speech that is unclear. This disorder is actually an articulation disorder because of the errors people make when talking. A lisp specifically refers to the substitution of the letters “s” and “z.” Typically a person who lisps replaces those sounds with “th.”

There are four main types of lisps. The interdental lisp occurs when the tongue protrudes between the front teeth. However, a dentalized lisp happens when the tongue pushes against the front teeth. The lateral version is when the air flows around the tongue producing a wet sound. Finally, the palatal version is when the middle of the tongue touches the roof of the mouth.

Appropriate Speech Treatment for Lateral Lisp

We encourage parents to seek speech disorder therapy for all types of lisps. By selecting appropriate speech treatment for lateral lisp, your child has a better chance of overcoming this disorder. It is important to note that lateral lisps are not found in typical speech development in children. The tongue position is very close to the normal position for “l.” The sound is made with the air-flow directed over the sides of the tongue. This is why it is known as a slushy lisp and has the wet sound.

At Speech-Language Development, we provide thorough assessments to all our patients with any form of a disorder including a lisp speech impediment. We encourage parents to seek therapy for their children early on. The prognosis for children treated at an early age is much better than those who are not treated.

Examining Speech Development in Children

To properly assess a child, we must screen all areas of communicative function. By thoroughly observing and examining these areas, we are able to diagnosis and treat our patients. Whether there is typical speech development in children or a traumatic injury, speech disorders and impediments may arise. At Speech-Language Development, we are proud to assist in the treatment of your child. To setup an appointment for speech treatment for lateral lisp, please contact us today.