Apraxia of Speech Assessment and Therapy

There are numerous different speech and language disorders. However, some of the most common disorders include stuttering, cluttering of speech, articulation, and apraxia. Apraxia of speech is an oral-motor disorder. This common disorder is a problem with motor coordination and motor planning. With this disorder, a person has difficulty moving the muscles and structures to form proper speech sounds into words. By seeking appropriate speech disorder therapy, a person may make significant progress in overcoming this disorder.

At Speech-Language Development, we specialize in the treatment of childhood apraxia of speech. By utilizing various individualized therapy methods and techniques, we are able to assist in the growth and progress of our patients. As one of the most common speech problems in children, apraxia is usually treatable with appropriate therapy techniques.

Helpful Phonology & Articulation Resources

At Speech-Language Development, we are proud to facilitate in the assessment and treatment of children with speech and language disorders. You can find informative articles and phonology & articulation resources throughout our website. In addition to these useful online tools, our office is fully equipped with other useful resources. Centrally located in Rego Park, New York, we are proud to serve the New York area.

With a mission to provide each child with the necessary tools and therapy to achieve optimal communication, we are proud to specialize in numerous advanced techniques including PROMPT. By providing great progress and results to each child, we are able to facilitate in the communication growth and speech development in children.

Individualized Speech Disorder Therapy

At Speech-Language Development, we specialize in the treatment of speech and language disorders in children. By providing exceptional language and speech disorder therapy, we are able to provide children with the appropriate treatment for their disorders. There are numerous types of disorders including articulation, fluency, resonance, and learning language disability. Speech therapists can help with the progress of apraxia of speech, lisps, and voice issues.

At Speech-Language Development, we are proud to assist in the development, growth, and progress of children with mild to extensive language and speech disorders. We develop customized therapy sessions and treatment plans for each individual child to ensure the best outcome possible. We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about speech disorders, PROMPT, and our mission to serve. To learn more about phonology & articulation resources for children, please contact us today at 718-830-0380.