Articulation Therapy and Assessment

At Speech-Language Development, we offer speech disorder therapy for children who demonstrate delays in language development, articulation, language learning disability, and voice issues. From developmental apraxia of speech to oral-motor function disorders, we cater to each child’s special needs. At Speech-Language Development, we provide each child with an individual assessment and customized therapy.

One of our many specialties is articulation therapy. An articulation disorder involves the mispronouncing of speech sounds. This mispronunciation can occur by distorting, omitting, substituting, adding, or altering sounds. By making these changes, the person’s speech can become difficult to understand. At Speech-Language Development, we work directly with each child to ensure that we are assisting them in achieving optimal communication.

Developmental Apraxia of Speech Treatment

s your speech-language pathologist, we are here to assist children with speech and language disorders. Treatment varies with each individual. It is based on the age of the child and their awareness of the problem. By utilizing individual assessments, we are able to customize language development, phonological, fluency, and articulation therapy. By helping children learn how to say speech sounds correctly, we are able to assist in the improvement of articulation disorders.

Additionally, we help individuals who have developmental apraxia of speech (DAS). Children with DAS will not grow out of this disorder, but with proper speech therapy, a child may improve communication skills. Therapy for children with DAS is traditionally intensive and should begin as soon as a child is diagnosed. To learn more about our unique therapy process, please continue browsing through our website and articles. If you have any questions or would like to setup an appointment, please contact us today at 718-830-0380.