Incentive Charts

I wanted to share an interesting technique to facilitate motivation in students in the school and in the home.  This technique helps with not only organization but aids in promoting focus in youngsters.  It also aids in generalizing speech techniques for fluency issues such as cluttering; for children who are generalizing sounds to spontaneous speech;… Continue reading Incentive Charts

Words 2-year-old be able to say?

How many words should my 2-year-old be able to say? Around their second birthday, many children begin to acquire words at breakneck speed, a phenomenon experts call the naming explosion. Most 2-year-olds can say about 100 words. By the time your toddler is 2 1/2, she’ll probably know close to 300. But not all children… Continue reading Words 2-year-old be able to say?

Letting a toddler watch videos.

Sometimes when parents are busy, they let their toddlers watch videos. Can this help their language development? It probably won’t hurt, but TV and videos are poor substitutes for a parent’s involvement. Watching TV is a passive activity. Activities such as speaking to your child, reading to her, and labeling objects are better ways to… Continue reading Letting a toddler watch videos.

8 year-old boy with a cluttering issue

I have been working with an 8 year-old boy in a school with a cluttering issue. Cluttering is a fluency disorder, characterized by an irregular speech rate in which the words are condensed and a child speaks with progressively increased speech rate. Cluttering is also characterized by the initial loud voice that trails off to… Continue reading 8 year-old boy with a cluttering issue